Match report v Old Edwardians (King Edwards Birmingham), 2 June 2023

Last years inaugural match was hosted by the OE’s at Blackwell in Worcestershire so it was our turn to host. Bring them to a cold gusty Littlestone and surely we would prevail?

We met for ham egg and chips and a bottle of rose, ready for the elements.

Windy it was – a 4 layer day in early June. James Ross was working his way through the pros shop sale rails trying to find something with long sleeves and insulation, in his size, and reluctantly turned down a £200 duvet – they had also sold out of wooly hats! With the growing season in full swing the rough resembled Carnoustie back in the 80’s and 90’s. Ammo was being used  at an alarming rate. Remarkably Rutters didn’t loose a ball in the first 3 holes, despite no points he felt he was playing well. Donald hit a straight 3 wood and 4 iron to the 290 yard fist hole and was still short of the green. The OE captain however was in the zone – with the ball dropping from  everywhere  he came  home with a very good 35 points. Despite Mark Camp’s 32 and Peter Foord’s 30 the Dulwich team were beaten by an aggregate of 6 points.

It was a relaxed and convivial game and we look forward to venturing somewhere north of the river for the 2024 encounter.

OA participants: David Rutnam, Alex Mitchel, Alan Murphy, Mark Camp, David Earl, Phil McInley, Peter Foord, James Ross and Nick Donald


Nick Donald