OAGS Committee minutes 28.2.2023

Minutes of a meeting of the Old Alleynian Golf Society Committee held by Zoom on Tuesday 28 February 2023 at 18.30 pm 


Present: D W R Rutnam Chairman

M Flint Captain

S G Bonner Treasurer

R Kelly

H Avshu

P J Foord


Apologies D Anderson Hon Sec


  1. The minutes of the last meeting were approved as circulated. These had been posted on the Society website. 


  1. Website review. 
  1. The company that hosts the Society website had recently advised that the website should be upgraded. This would be ‘free’ but the annual cost for them to host the website would increase from £288 to £1368. This was clearly unaffordable and so PF and RK had reviewed the options available.
  2. The website provider confirmed that the options they could offer were: 
  3. We can carry on with the present arrangement. The cost will increase by inflation each year, and there is a possibility that the ‘Member directory’ which will no longer be supported might have issues, but this is unlikely in the short term.
  4. To just upgrade the member directory at a cost of £14 pm. 
  5. They recognise that we have only had the website for 2 years and so they would be prepared to provide the upgrade free for 2 years, but thereafter we would have to pay the increased cost. 
  6. It is clear we have not used the website to its full potential. It was therefore agreed that we should proceed with the first option, and use the website more fully in the next year. If the committee then felt it was useful, we would continue to pay the current hosting fee, whilst recognising we could never afford the upgrade. PF and RK will engage with using the website and we will try to encourage members to use this more.    Action:PF/RK
  7. There is one further alternative, which would be to have a simple website built for us. This would cost around £300 with an annual hosting fee of around £100. This would allow the Society to have the fixtures on line, put up news posts, and email out to members. We will review the extra value the current website adds over the next 9 months and reconsider the matter then, in order that, if we do decide to have a new website we can have an orderly change over. 
  8. PF did note that the current website does ensure that personal information is held in compliance with the GDPR. 
  9. Finally it was noted that a spreadsheet is available to show what payments have been made. PF will discuss with SB. Action: PF


  1. Constitution / GDPR compliance.
  1. PF had drafted up some amendments to our current rules, as these require updating. It was agreed these proposals were sensible, and so would be put to the membership at the next AGM for approval. PF will finalise the draft and circulate prior to the next meeting for final approval, and subsequent circulation to members. Action: PF
  2. It is important to recognise we must comply with the GDPR, which states that we must use any personal data we hold fairly, lawfully and transparently.


  1. Hon Sec’s report.
  1. DA had given his apologies. 
  2. Match managers manual. DA had spoken to MF regarding this. It was agreed that a decision regarding the use of the website needs to be finalised before any manual is circulated. At present the Hon Sec sets up matches / meetings, and the Match Manager deals with matters leading up to and on the day. This works well.
  3. Annual dinner. A date of the 2nd November at the school was possible. The cost would be significantly less than at the East India Club, and accommodation would be available in the Boarding houses for those who wanted to stay. 
  4. It was noted that the venue for the dinner had been debated a year ago and it decided to go to the EI Club, but also that the dinner date in March had been very poorly supported. 
  5. There was concern that a dinner in November and then one in the following March would be ambitious. MF will discuss further with DA. Action : MF/DA


  1. Halford Hewitt and Grafton Morrish.
  1. HA will organise the GM this year, including the qualifying at Royal Ashdown.
  2. RK reported he has a squad of 16 for the HH. It was confirmed that all team players must have paid their subscription to the Society by the start of the tournament. 
  3. DR is waiting to hear back from Nick Owen about the Centenary flags. 
  4. George Melio is providing the narrative to the HH centenary book and could do with some assistance regarding more recent years.


  1. Cyril Gray
  1. PF has 5 players confirmed and will announce the full team in the next few weeks. A number of OA’s will qualify this year so we should have a strong team. 
  2. NB. The Team is Jonathan Swinney, Colin Webb, Roger Kelly, Simon Anthony, Matt Aldous and Jeremy Brewer. PF will be reserve. 


  1. Treasurer’s report
  1. SB reported we were still in a healthy financial position.
  2. DR had held a discussion with N Howe, Chairman of the Old Alleynian Association. The OAA very generously gives the Society a contribution towards running costs each year. This generally covers the cost of entries to the various tournaments. As the HH entry fee will increase significantly over the next two years, (to defray the cost of the Centenary celebrations), NH enquired if we would like to request an increase in the contribution received from the OAA. 
  3. It was agreed that the Society should ensure that our subscription income was always sufficient to cover our fixed costs, being entry fees and a very few other small administrative expenses. If the OAA were happy to provide assistance to the OAGS by way of a contribution towards the entry fees for tournaments then this would be helpful in allowing the Society to assist the younger members of the society to play in more events.
  4. DR will speak further with NH Action : DR. 


  1. Composition of Committee
  1. DR noted that the OAGS should have a Vice Captain who should sit on the Committee. This allows the VC to see how the Society / committee operates before becoming Captain. HA was proposed and approved as Vice Captain, subject to formal election


  1. AOB
  1. None. 


There being no further business the meeting closed at 19.30 pm. 

Date and time of next meeting TBA.