Match Report v Royal Cinque Ports @ Deal, 29 January 2022

The annual match between the OAs and Deal is most treasured.  It was set up by Tony Brewer in 1984 and, in honour of him, we played for the Brewmaster Bowl for the first time.  A very early start for most of our team meant that we started slowly with four of the five matches down at the hut.  But great comebacks from Hugo Avshu and Chris Cowan, and also Felix Suther-Jones and Jonathan Waugh meant that they secured halves.  So at lunch we were only one point back with Deal leading 3-2.  After a hearty lunch and speeches celebrating the late great Tony Brewer we embarked on the afternoon matches.  The Old Alleynians were now awake and fuelled with good food and fine wine we roared to an afternoon clean sweep securing the victory 7-3.  Huge thanks to Michael Schenstrom, captain of  the Deal Team.  Just like Michael I am always very happy when I am at Deal golf club.  Not only is it a great course, but a fabulous club full of wonderful people, and some of them didn’t go to Dulwich College.

Roger Kelly


OAGS was represented by: Roger Kelly, Jeremy Brewer,David Rutnam, Jonathan Swinney, Mat Flint, Chris Cowen, Felix Suther- Jones, Hugo Avshu, Freddie Neden, Jonny Waugh and Peter Foord.