Match report v Royal Ashdown Forest GC, 21 August 2021

With each side captained by both an OA and a past/ current captain of RAFGC (Chris Litterick for the Club and Will Lewis for OAGS) we played for the Deakin bowl. The Deakin bowl commemorates the outstanding contribution made by Bob Deakin to OA golf. Bob has played more Halford Hewitt matches than any other OA and although well into his 90’s he was on very good form at lunch.

Befitting of the occasion the match ended in a 2.5 draw and after a sumptuous lunch there was no appetite for optional afternoon golf!

OAGS was represented by Will Lewis, Duncan Anderson, Roger Kelly, David Rutnam, Tom Owens, Felix Suther Jones, John Simpson, Nick Donald, Richard Andrade and  Brian Spear who made the journey from his new home in Nicola’s country.

OA representation from RAFGC: Chris Litterick, Chris Smith and John Gordon

We were joined at lunch by Bob Deakin, Barry Goodchild, Barry Lane and Nigel Farage