Match report – Triangular v Tonbridge and Shrewsbury @Tandridge, 9 July 2021

We scored 143 points in total, which made us second equal with Tonbridge. Shrewsbury beat us by 2 points.  We were in the lead after the first 3 pairs came in (38+39+41), but unfortunately  we couldn’t quite hold on.
Roger Kelly and Peter Dickinson were our best pair and  managed to get 41 points –  joint highest scorers- but lost on countback for the individual prize.
Those starting off the 10th (3 pairs) had the unexpected pleasure  of finding a large group of golfers waiting to play off the 1st when reaching the turn. Sense prevailed and filtering got us through the traffic!
As usual, everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion and lunch before the match appeared to be appreciated by all.
The OA’s were represented by
Roger Kelly, Peter Dickinson, Nick Donald, Peter Foord, Roger Walker, Brian Knight, Duncan Anderson, Jeremy Brewer