Halford Hewitt Trial. R St George’s

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Royal St. George's Golf Club
Date(s) - Sat, 16 Mar 2024


Match Manager
Roger Kelly

Contact Details
E: roger@rogerkelly.net | T: 07710630772

Match Format
36 holes foursomes scratch match play

This is a match for all members against the Halford Hewitt trial team. If you would like to play please enter and a team will be selected in due course.
The for at is 36 hole foursomes.
The cost for golf only will be approximately £90 for the day.

Members that have expressed their interest

  • Duncan Anderson
  • James Gray
  • David Rutnam
  • Matthew Flint
  • Jonathan Swinney
  • Jeremy Brewer
  • Alan Murphy
  • Humphrey Curtis
  • Jonny Waugh
  • Felix Truckel
  • Felix Suther Jones
  • Nick Howe
  • Christopher Cowen
  • Alastair Neden
  • Luke Oram
  • Stephen Bonner

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