Match Report v Johnians @ New Zealand, 12 Sept 2020

The OAs vs the OJs at New Zealand on Saturday 12th September 2020

What a joy it was to be back playing competitive golf.  It was the OAs and my first match since lockdown on a glorious sunny day at the beautiful but exacting New Zealand golf course in Surrey.  The Johnians turned up with a team of six and the Alleynians with a team of nine.  So three matches were played morning and afternoon with a friendly Alleynian three ball bringing up the rear.  The famous New Zealand lunch did not disappoint and things were nicely poised with the Johnians winning the top match down the last to be 2-1 up.  Sadly the Johnians continued their good form and also won the afternoon 2-1 completing a 4-2 victory.  They celebrated by taking team pictures with the trophy so wonderfully made by the great Johnian Stuart Southgate, who started this match nearly two decades ago with Roger Walker.  So next year it will be our turn to buy the Port and wrestle the trophy back.  Thanks to all who turned up to make it such a fun day.  Roger Kelly



Freddie Neden (5) + Felix Suther-Jones (4) lost to David Glassock (9) + Mack Blair (10) 1up

Jonathan Waugh (9) + Ali Neden (9) lost to Stephen Glassock (9) + John Martyn (10) 4/3

Andrew Allen (20) + Tom Owens (17) beat Peter Edgar (15) + Dom Higgitt (11) 2/1



Freddie Neden (5) + Hugo Avshu (2) lost to Mack Blair (10) + John Martyn (10) 2/1

Felix Suther-Jones (4) + Jonathan Waugh (9) beat David Glassock (9) + Stephen Glassock (9) 3/2

Tom Owens (17) + Nick Donald (8) lost to Peter Edgar (15) + Dom Higgitt (11) 4/3


Final Score: Old Alleynians 2  Old Johnians 4