Halford Hewitt trial @ Royal St George’s, 19 March 2022

Eleven of us turned up for the trial which had a lovely mix of young and old, or should I say experienced.  A hugely competitive morning saw Freddie Neden and Jonathan Swinney see off the Felix Suther-Jones and Jonny Waugh challenge, and Jeremy Brewer and Colin Webb got the better of David Rutnam  and Mat Flint.  The three ball ended up in a half between Roger Kelly and Chris Seeley, who played so well that he has been picked for the Hewitt Team.  Eight of us remained after a fabulous lunch which saw the battle of the youngsters won by Freddie and Chris.  In the oldies, Jonathan  and Jeremy beat David and Roger.  Huge thanks go to Nick Howe for organising a terrific day yet again.



Colin Webb

David Rutnam

Jamie Gray

Jeremy Brewer

Jonathan Swinney

Mat Flint

Roger Kelly


Chris Seeley

Felix Suther-Jones

Freddie Neden

Jonathan Waugh


Roger Kelly