AGM 2021 Accompanying note of explanation

Old Alleynian Golfing Society


 Annual General Meeting 2021


Accompanying note of explanation



Item 4 : Resolution to approve the Rules of the Old Alleynian Golfing Society


The Rules of the Society are currently unwritten. The Committee feels it appropriate to introduce written Rules as part of its governance process, in particular since it receives membership income and an annual grant from the Alleyn Club.


The Rules  are designed to reflect how the Society operates in practice but with appropriate and proportional additional checks and balances in keeping with standards of good governance. Of importance is the requirement that Committee members are elected by the members and that there are expected term limits. The Rules introduce the  officer position of Chair, a position that has from time to time existed in the past but not continuously. In addition to chairing the Committee the Chair is expected to act as a sounding board for the Secretary, who is tasked with carrying out the day-to-day operational activities of the Society, in accordance with its objects.



Item 3: Election of Committee Members


As noted above the position of Chair is being formally created. The Committee has determined that this position should commence at the time the new proposed Captain, Chris Smith, takes office on 1 May 2022. The Committee proposes that Nick Donald should be elected as Chair at the AGM. Nick has been Captain since 1 January 2020 and had his  tenure extended due to the pandemic. Nick is the Society’s representative on the Alleyn Club Committee and he  has significant experience as a non-executive director in both elite and community sport.